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Welcome to “Tribute Video Tips”. We are dedicated to helping you make great Tribute Videos to honor, clebrate or memorialize those you love and respect. Tributes are videos that tell the life stories of significant people in a family, business, or organization– or just anyone you care about. The techniques used to create Tribute videos involve the use of print, pictures, video, music, audio clips and other memorabilia. This involves research, gathering of materials, getting them into your computer, and editing with your favorite video editor. More t han that, it involves pacing, emotion, and storytelling. We hope you find this site helpful in all these regards!

“Rum Cake” is a video we recently produced using all of the techniques we teach in “Tribute Video Tips”. It is essentally a still image animation series, with lyric overlays, for a song produced by “The Chico Barque Project”. I hope you like it.

Corporate retirements are great opportunities for tribute videos. We completed this one recently celebrating the career of an industry-leading corporate video producer and manager.